Happy Anniversary to Classic Country Radio

classic_country_thClassic Country Radio, a mini-conglomerate of three advertiser-supported radio stations in southern Ohio, is celebrating their 20th Anniversary on the air this month. What started as an old, broken-down facility at WBZI in Xenia has grown under the direction of Joe Mullins into a broadcasting […]

Mandolin record makes the news

galax3_thThe projected new Guinness Book World Record for Largest Mandolin Ensemble, set yesterday at the Old Fiddler’s Convention at Felt’s Park in Galax, VA, was celebrated by WSLS television, the NBC affiliate station in Roanoke, about 2.5 hours away. A crush of local media was on […]

Could you repeat the question?

jones_thGreetings from New Haven, Connecticut, or at least that’s what the sign said on the exit. I’m here for the Podunk Bluegrass Festival just up the road in Hebron, having just wrapped up a wonderful week at the Augusta Heritage Center’s Bluegrass Week, a long-established […]

Where in the world is Alecia Nugent?

alecia_thWe often receive notes from from readers about their favorite artists who seem to have dropped off the face of the earth. Of course they are still clinging to the crust of our rapidly moving sphere; they just aren’t so visible in the music industry as […]

They did it – congratulations Galax!

galax_mando_thWell done Old Fiddler’s Convention attendees in Galax, VA! This afternoon they once again set the Guinness World Record for Largest Mandolin Ensemble with 491 musicians. At this point, the count is still unofficial but organizer Tara Linhardt tells us that they handily beat the existing […]