Trial Period Means No Royalties? Apple Music Being Backlashed

Music is art. Music is entertainment. But music is also a business. We love music, but we also care about the livelihood of the musicians whose songs get our hearts quiver and our toes tappin’. This is why we play music by both famous, established artists as well as newcomers. This is also why we see licensing fees not as an expense, but as an investment.

First presenting sponsor announced for World of Bluegrass

chiesi_thThe International Bluegrass Music Association has announced that the US division of Italian pharmaceutical company Chiesi (pronounced key-ay-zee) will be the first presenting sponsor for their World of Bluegrass events during 2015. In the past, business entities have attached their names through sponsorship to portions of […]

Blue Ridge Music Hall of Fame 2015

Terry Baucom with Janis Lewis Phillips at the 2015 Blue Ridge Music Hall of Fame presentation - photo by Cindy BaucomThis past Saturday, June 20, The Blue Ridge Music Hall of Fame honored its 2015 class of inductees at the Stone Center for the Performing Arts in North Wtilkesboro, NC. They are housed in the Wilkes County Heritage Museum, an historic building there in town. […]

Banjo tabs from Hamish Davidson

hamish_thHamish Davidson, the banjo-playing half of Australia’s Davidson Brothers, has published Bluegrass Banjo Davidson Style, a book of banjo tabs from his recorded solos with the band. A total of 28 songs/tunes are included, each presented in hand-written, metered tablature. There are no song notes, […]

Ocooch Mountain Home – The Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers

yellow_bellied_thWinning the award for unique traditional music band name of the month is Wisconsin-based duo The Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers. Nikki Grossman and Joe Hart bill themselves as “a brand-new take on old-time country,” and their newest release, a twelve song (plus one bonus track) collection titled […]