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4 Replies to “Live Programs”

  1. Terri Moore Bauer

    Thanks for playing my request Ron. My first time listening you have a great show

  2. Jane Grissom Grubb

    First time listener from New Bern North Carolina–Jane Grissom Grubb

  3. Holly B

    The Doctor plays a wide variety of goodies on his Bluegrass Jamboree show every Friday 2-4 and I enjoy his personal commentary – very entertaining – I am listening from the countryside of VA in Etlan, VA near Graves Mountain Lodge – doesn’t get better than this to bring in the weekend! Recommend that ya’ll take a listen!

  4. Edith Biggar

    Just got a new computer and trying out the various features. Hubby wanted to know something about Internet Radio, so we clicked on your station. What would be nice is if you put somewhere on the web-page what’s currently playing: artist and song.


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