Brightwood Bluegrass

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Jack Duke


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I grew up mostly in the central part of Virginia in Madison County near Culpeper. In school early on I had Fayssoux Starling (McLean) as a teacher for awhile. She was married to John Starling of Seldom Scene fame at the time and working with Emmylou Harris. I was also around a lot of good bluegrass based music at church so music was a big part of my life growing up. I was interested in radio and listened a lot to the Opry and folks like legendary dj’s Red Shipley and Tomcat Reeder.
After getting a job at the phone company I moved to Cumberland,MD and wanted to get bluegrass on local radio. It took awhile but I started ” Sunday Night Bluegrass” in February 2001 on Hit Country 102.9 WROG in Cumberland,MD ( home of Delfest!).  Shortly after I was asked to do a 3 hour bluegass program on 104.3 WSKE in Everett,PA which went for about 3 years until I moved to Parkersburg,WV in 2004. I did both programs live on Sundays. I stayed with WROG until they were sold in 2007 and my show was picked up by 99.5 the Wolf WVMD-FM in Cumberland and was with them until 2012. I also had my shows airing on other radio stations such as WAAI-FM in Cambridge,MD and WPDX-FM in Clarksburg,WV as well as some other stations. I started a new show Brightwood Bluegrass (named for my hometown in Virginia) live every Tuesday on the internet airing on worldwide in 2013

Over the years I’ve been asked to emcee some festivals along with judging band and fiddle contests! These days I live in Parkersburg,WV and work as an Engineer for Frontier Communications.


  • Tuesday - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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