The Gospel Express

I have lived in Berea, Kentucky for the last twenty years and am a native of Tennessee.  I am married with two children and eleven grandchildren.  I retired from R J Reynolds Tobacco Company and  I am currently working as a courier. My life-long love of gospel music began as a child in church. Later I sang in a family quartet (Southern gospel) with my parents and uncle.  I am song director at the church where I attend.  The musical instruments I play are piano, guitar, and dulcimer. I  am an experienced vocalist, singing everything from bluegrass to classical music.  I have been in other musical groups, the most recent being a western music trio.

2 Replies to “The Gospel Express”

  1. Mr Grimes, thank you for playing “Kneel Down and Pray”- from the CD Salt and Light
    by Salt and Light The Moore Family Band from Graham, NC. I know Norah and her family appreciates your wishing her a Happy Birthday and playing their song.

  2. Thank you for playing Amanda Cook’s Get On Board. I am her booking agent and I listen to The Jamboree quite often. Thank you also for playing my husband’s favorite tune, Good Time Mountain Man. Are you on the Facebook Chat? My best, Nancy Jordan


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