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  1. Enjoyed working with you this weekend. You told me something this weekend I’ll remember for a long time, “Just get out there and play them some bluegrass”. It was when we were going on for the 2nd set. I knew we had never worked a single mic before. Grant and I have been hinting around at the idea for a while. We were glad we got a chance to try it. And I also got a kick out of your reactions to the crowd. It was like “there’s a wild mess out there–good luck out there”.

    Anyway play me a song, Maybe something from Shawn Lane’s album, Thanks. See you soon. Don.

  2. Annette Grady I am continually amaze at the changes you make in your software. For not so bright old people, you sure make it easier for us to use. I l l like the ease of flipping from one page to the other without loosing the sould and it use to be. I overlay three pages and at the click of the mouse, can change pages and not loose the sound. Thank you for your hard work and tender loving care.

  3. I am so happy for you and this app and you truly amaze me with everything you do! I love you!!

  4. Bluegrass jamboree is NO.1 .And Always will be

  5. Seems to me that you are tending your grandfather’s dear space most well..HIS Blessings, Bill

  6. Thanks!!

  7. Still No.1&Always Be.Keep up the good work you folks do at bluegrass jamboree Doing a fine job.

  8. I am listening from Indiana. I’m 19 but I still love listening to good ole bluegrass music.

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