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Roger Black

Roger D. Black fell in love with bluegrass music while attending the Atalaya Arts & Crafts Festival at Huntington Beach State Park just outside Myrtle Beach, S.C., in 2008. At the festival there was a band who focused their attention on the music and inspired a long-lasting love of bluegrass and an unending curiosity to learn more about it.

After leaving the festival in 2008, Roger sought out a local organization that would allow him to listen to live bluegrass on a regular basis. In that search he found the Rivertown Bluegrass Society based in nearby Conway, S.C. Roger began attending the monthly concerts and decided to become more than a spectator by helping the group set up the venue.  In 2009, he first took the stage with his friend Thomas Lilly of the Rivertown Bluegrass Society, who gave him his first chance to emcee a show.  After learning from Thomas, Roger began emceeing the shows on a regular basis. He later became a board member for the organization, as well.  Roger takes every opportunity he has to attend bluegrass shows and festivals all over the Southeast and has become friends with members of the bands he loves.

In 2019 Roger and his family moved to the Bluegrass State and he immediately got involved in the Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana bluegrass scene and has been honored with the job of emceeing the Bill Monroe Bluegrass Festival and the Uncle Pen Fest in Bean Blossom, Indiana, the homeplace of Bill Monroe.  He has lso emceed The Jerusalem Ridge Bluegrass Festival in Rosine, Ky.  He has also emceed many loval bluegrass festivals.  The Blackyard Bluegrass Show on The Bluegrass Jamboree is his first opportunity behind the mic as a radio personality.

Roger is also an avid poet and songwriter, Roger had the song, “Carolina Darlin’” recorded by The Grass Strings.