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Mike Mitchell Band “Fathers & Sons”

Written by on May 1, 2023

The brand-new CD Album, by the Mike Mitchell Band, produced by Mike Mitchell, Amanda Cook, & The Mosley Brothers, and released by Turnberry Records is ‘Fathers & Sons’. ‘Fathers & Sons’ is a collection of stories about both Fathers and Sons, and is also an in-depth look at some of the aspects, of their relationships. The album contains 13 songs, of all original music.

The music included is as follows: ‘I Hear Banjos’ (Mike Mitchell, Elizabeth & Emily Anderson), ‘Making Hay’ (Dawn Kenney, Mike Mitchell) ‘It Rained’ (Rick Lang, Mike Mitchell), ‘Someday (They’ll Play That Song For Me)’ (David Morris, Mike Mitchell), ‘Uncommon Man’ (Dawn Kenney, Mike Mitchell), ‘Love Of The Mountains’ (Allen H. Mills), ‘Save Me’ (Jack Shannon, Mike Mitchell), ‘Reach Out Your Hand’ (Rick Lang, Mike Mitchell), ‘I Gave My Heart (To The Girl Who Gave Her Heart To Jesus)’ (Mike Mitchell), ‘Fly’ (Dawn Kenney, Mike Mitchell) ‘Calling Me’ (Jack Shannon, Mike Mitchell), ‘Summer Wages’ (Ian Tyson), ‘Fathers & Sons’ (Kevin Slick, Mike Mitchell) *Please note, detailed writing credits are in the Liner Notes.

The musicians included in the Project are as follows. (In the Liner Notes & CD Cover, there are notations which may expand on this list.) Jason Moore – Kay Bass, Joey Mosley – Fairbuilt Guitar, Baritone Vocal on ‘Calling Me’, Jake Moseley – Weber Mandolin, Tenor Vocal on ‘Calling Me’, Tray Wellington – Deering Banjo, Jesse Smathers – Tenor Vocals, Greg Blake – Tenor Vocal on ‘Uncommon Man’, Jesse Brock – Baritone Vocals. Alex Donahue – Bass on ‘Calling Me’, Mike Mitchell – Lead Vocals, Arthur Conner 4 & 5 String Fiddles & Viola.

As far as the discussion of the tracks themselves, the difficult challenge within the results of the Project was, ‘to give you a hint of the song itself and its nature, without inadvertently plagiarizing or spoiling the detail of the song descriptions, as they were provided by the producer.’ Within the Liner Notes, you will be able to read excellent and detailed info about each song! I tried not to duplicate this.

‘I Hear Banjos’ is a rip-roaring start to a new, creative journey into parenting, with a bluegrass arrangement. ‘Making Hay’ is fun, and funny, there’s a strong lead vocal, the whole bands’ breaks are wonderful, and is instructive as the meaning of double entendre. ‘It Rained’ has beautiful solos, for all the instruments in the band! Is this about your crops or The Great Flood? ‘Someday (They’ll Play That Song For Me)’ is a melancholy reminiscence about Bluegrass Stars who passed in 2019, as led by Alan Bibey’s song at IBMA.
‘Uncommon Man’ is a story of Greg Blake as told by his friends, in regards to the decisions he made about his career. Excellent harmony included. ‘Love Of The Mountains’ is some real ‘grass that takes you back to the roots in the Blue Ridge Mountains. ‘Save Me’ is a story of how we can put everything we have into our work, but sometimes it’s just not enough. Then, can we find, that only the Lord can fully provide what we need? ‘Reach Out Your Hand’ is a fictional story that relates to true relationships between fathers & sons. ‘I Gave My Heart To The Girl (Who Gave Her Heart To Jesus)’ Not sure if it’s just fun or just real. ‘Fly’ in my opinion, is a sincere, sensitive, look at ourselves and our children, and just how important we are to each other. ‘Calling Me’ is a Remix of an older song, that was previously released as a single, and this writer thinks, it fits perfectly here. I’m pretty sure, ’Summer Wages’ is my favorite out of the entire project. This is true, as someone who was on his own, and had to rely on himself from an early age. ‘Fathers & Sons’ is a very personal message from Mike Mitchell. A most excellent wrap up to the album.

After this review, I am aware that Mike Mitchell is a musician, an instructor, a teacher, a singer, a songwriter, a storyteller, and a music dad. Mike’s work is very professional, and covers all aspects of this project. Working with him is a distinct pleasure. I hope the people at Turnberry Records realize what they have.

For the listeners, enjoy the Bluegrass music, the songs, the lyrics, the fun, and the stories that go along with the songs. In my opinion, every song on this album is wonderful! A top-notch album, that could be one of the best of the year… That’s my story, & I’m stickin’ with it.

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