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MUSIC REVIEW: The Roller Family “This is What Resistance Looks Like”

Written by on May 22, 2023

Introducing The Roller Family

The Roller Family is from a small town in Wisconsin, and the family members (Dan Roller (dad), Sharon Roller (mom), Abigail, Lindsey, Madison, James, Ellie, Redia, and Titus) are used to spending a lot of time together, in their home. Typically, during the day, they will be working separately or together doing chores around the house, and in the evening, they will gather for music, singing, and worship.

It was from these evening family gatherings that the Roller Family’s Music Ministry began. Expanding to Church events and small gatherings, they have now progressed to a full-fledged Tour of the Midwest, from Minnesota to Oklahoma, and more. The Roller Family says that one of their favorite things is to take a very old Gospel song and add their own touch to the song. Apparently, another of their favorite things is to write brand new, original Gospel songs; as their new EP CD, Released 04/2023, This Is What Resistance Looks Like’, contains seven songs, all original!

The members of the band and their instruments on the EP include, Dan – Bass, Sharon – Songwriter, Abigail – Guitar/vocals, Lindsey – Banjo/vocals, Madison – Mandolin/vocals, James – vocals, Ellie – vocals, Redia – vocals, and Titus – vocals.

This is What Resistance Looks Like

Now, for the songs themselves: ‘The Great I Am Still Can’ (Sharon/Lindsey Roller) Contains a very powerful solo vocal, with a soulful, Southern style; Lindsey on lead. ‘I Got The Name’ (Abigail Roller) In short, I love it, because it’s a movin’ tune, that at the same time is Glorious & Powerful, Abigail on lead.  I don’t know whether to get up & dance, or Praise His name. IMO, a bona fide Bluegrass Gospel Hit! ‘I Choose Jesus’ (Sharon/Madison Roller) A Southern Gospel song, of Praise, suitable for performance in Church services. Madison is on the lead.

‘Needing You To Move’ (Abigail Roller) Sounds like a complex composition, with Abigail also on lead. My take on it is, a powerful, plaintiff cry to the Holy Spirit. ‘Resistance’ (Abigail/Sharon Roller) Definitely has the feel of active worship, providing guidance to a congregation; Abigail on lead. ‘Meet Me In The Broken’ (Abigail Roller) A song of introspection & development of a relationship with the Lord, Abigail on lead. Some good harmony, has the feel of Contemporary Gospel. ‘Not Today Satan’ (Sharon Roller) Definitely another Bluegrass Gospel ‘goodun’! I felt Joy & Resistance!! Lindsey on lead.

In Closing....

The Roller Family says their Primary motivation for singing and playing their music is to share the Word of Jesus. This collection of songs very definitely goes to that end. Further, I think they gave themselves a real challenge by including Bluegrass, Southern, and Contemporary Gospel in one collection. My conclusion is that they were successful! In addition, I would like to give a shoutout to Abigail Roller. I believe her music and performance on this collection makes a very strong statement as to her musical abilities.

In my opinion, there are three aspects of a Band that are more important than others. In Bluegrass & Bluegrass Gospel, some talk about experience, technical or stylistic pickin’, and background. I believe the most important factors are entertainment value, adhering to the traditions of the genre, and a stage or show presence. In the case of the Roller Family, the answer to the first two are a definite yes, they have it. At this point, my interest is piqued about seeing them live, and in person. If at all possible, I want to see them. I think you should too…

The Roller FAMILY

You can follow the Roller Family on facebook, youtube, or at . CDs available from the website.

Rick Heldmann writes music reviews for The Bluegrass Jamboree. For music submission contact Rick via Facebook Messenger or by email

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