Bluegrass In The Valley played on Saturday, January 19, 2019

Bluegrass in the Valley

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1.       Cincinnati Rag – Jerry Douglas (Everything Is Gonna Work Out Fine);

2.       You’ll Pay – Flatt Lonesome (Runaway Train);

3.       Clear Corn Liquor – The Grascals (Before Breakfast);

4.       Another Day, Another Dollar – Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers (Rambler’s Call);

5.       Henry Brown – Ralph Stanley II & The Clinch Mountain Boys (Ralph Stanley II & The Clinch Mountain Boys);

6.       She’s Gone, Gone, Gone – Rickey Wasson (Croweology);

7.       Run Rufus Run – Dale Ann Bradley (Catch Tomorrow);

8.       Papa Gene’s Blues – 40 Horse Mule (Grass With Some Kick);

9.       The Fox – Nickel Creek (Nickel Creek);

10.   Dusty Gravel Road – The Family Sowell (From Texas to Tennessee);

11.   Ashes of Love – Bobby Mackey w/Rhonda Vincent (Ten Shades of Green);

12.   I Hear Bluegrass Calling Me – Carolina Blue (I Hear Bluegrass Calling Me);

13.   Till I See You Again – Williamson Branch (Free);

14.   Darcy Farrow – The Rice Brothers (The Rice Brothers);

15.   Mystery Train – Trinity River Band (The Things We Do For Love);

16.   Over the Line – Jeff Scroggins & Colorado (Over the Line);

17.   West Virginia Rail – Joe Hott (single release);

18.   Goin’ Round This World – Dave Evans & Riverbend (Goin’ Round This World);

19.   Pray for Rain – Blue Mafia (Pray for Rain);

20.   Somewhere Down the Road – Wildfire (Where the Road Divides);

21.   Long Hard Road – NewTown (Old World);

22.   Thunder and Lightning – Lonesome River Band (Bridging the Tradition);

23.   Kenn Mountain Prison – Blue Highway (Midnight Storm);

24.   Gypsy Jubilee – The Bankesters (Looking Forward);

25.   I’m Leaving You and Fort Worth Too – Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out (It’s About Tyme);

26.   Louisville Rambler – Blue Moon Rising (single release);

27.   Dark Side of the Mountain – Unspoken Tradition (single release);

28.   I Might Be – Shannon and Heather Slaughter (One More Road);

29.   Old Kentucky Shine – Turning Ground (Old Country Store);

30.   Coal Fed Train – Billy Droze (Renaissance);

31.   Rambler – Backline (A Thousand Wishes);

32.   Ramblin’ Boy Blues – Branded Bluegrass (Most Welcome);

33.   Shoulder to Shoulder – Lynn Morris Band (Shape of a Tear);

34.   Charlestown – Shawn Lane and Richard Bennett (Land and Harbor);

35.   I Am a Drifter – Volume Five (Drifter);

36.   Beauty of My Dreams – The Del McCoury Band (Blue Side of Town);

37.   My Little Girl in Tennessee – Clay Hess Band (Rain);

38.   Are You Lonesome Whippoorwill” – Nightflyer (Nightflyer);

39.   Durango – Darren Nicholson (Things Left Undone);

40.   Captain – Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver (In Session);

41.   All I Can Do – Sister Sadie (Sister Sadie);

42.   In the Garden by the Fountain – Rhonda Vincent & The Rage w/Dolly Parton (Taken);

43.   Wrong Road Again – Lonesome River Band (Mayhayley’s House);

44.   Bittersweet Memories of Home – Sideline (Colors and Crossroads);

45.   Never Let Your Love Go – Adam Wakefield & The Copperheads (The Copperheads);

46.   How Long – Flatt Lonesome (Too);

47.   Cotton Farmer – Travers Chandler & Avery Count (State of Depression);

48.   Fourth and Goal – Terry Baucom’s Dukes of Drive (Fourth and Goal);

49.   Crooked Eye John – Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen (If You Can’t Stand the Heat);

50.   Queen of Carolina – ClayBank (No Escape);

51.   It’s Just a Road – The Boxcars (It’s Just a Road);

52.   Dance, Dance, Dance – Appalachian Road Show (Appalachian Road Show);

53.   Don’t Ever Cross a Moonshine Man – Hammertowne (Hillbilly Heroes);

54.   Living With the Shades Pulled Down – J.D. Crowe and Rickey Wasson (Hats Off to Haggard);

55.   Graveyard Blues – Balsam Range (Aeonic);

56.   Bend in the Road – Chris Jones & The Night Drivers (single release);

57.   Way Down the River Road – Special Consensus (Rivers and Roads);

58.   Bootleg John – Band of Ruhks (Band of Ruhks);

59.   Did You Hear Me Say Goodbye – ETSU Bluegrass Pride Band (single release);

60.   Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On – Dan Tyminski (Wheels);

61.   Salt River Canyon – Kevin Williamson (Write Between the Lines);

62.   Next Train South – Po Ramblin’ Boys (single release);

63.   Bring It On Baby – Ronnie Bowman (Starting Over);

64.   Last Call – Dierks Bentley w/Ronnie McCoury and Friends (Last Call);

65.   Long Way Down – The SteelDrivers (Muscle Shoal Recordings);

66.   Train 45 – Jim VanCleve (No Apologies)

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