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Love is the Key

The pandemic of COVID-19 really hit us hard in mid-March. After debuting at the Mountain View Spring Bluegrass Festival, one concert after another on our Louisiana tour was canceled. In the middle of all the uncertainty, David Stewart and Mark “Brink” Brinkman, reached out to us with a brand new song, “Love is the Key”. As soon as we heard it, we immediately jumped in with both feet to arrange it and release a performance video on Facebook. In less than 48 hours, the song hit over 50K views! The video gained even more traction when Bluegrass Life, the world’s largest network for bluegrass, shared it on their own Facebook page, reaching 100K views and still climbing. Almost immediately after posting, we received several messages from fans wondering if we had a copy of the song to buy and if not, when would we. A week after the song was pitched to us we were able to record in the studio with our producer, Ben Isaacs, of @The Isaacs. We knew we wanted this song to reach as many people as possible, so we reached out to Sammy Passamano III, with @The 615 Hideaway Entertainment to help us with radio promotion. We are excited to share the message of this song with the world!

“Fear so often locks us in. It blurs our vision and ultimately keeps us from all we were meant to be. This song talks about the key to release us from fear—love. Love alone is the answer. We want this song to be a ray of hope in these dark and scary times. We want you to be free, free from the lies, free from fear.” – The Family Sowell

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