Remembering Carter Stanley

Remembering Carter Stanley

Carter StanleyToday marked what would have been the 93rd birthday of the legend, Carter Stanley.

The life of Carter Stanley, while not long, was a life full of musical passion and dedication to a dream.  Carter had made his wishes known of holding a festival in the hills, touring throughout the country entertaining the masses and bringing to light the music of his heart.  He shared these wishes with his brother, Ralph.

Perhaps it was a means of holding to Carter that kept Ralph tied to bluegrass.  Maybe it was his way of holding on to the brother he loved and cherished dearly.  Whatever it was, Ralph remembered those dreams Carter had discussed with him and he worked to achieve them.  Although Ralph the one pursuing these dreams, he knew Carter was always with him.

Today we think back on the many songs Carter wrote in his time, the songs he and Ralph performed as The Stanley Brothers and we’re thankful; thankful that the bluegrass music of yesterday is still the bluegrass music of today.  The Stanley Brothers became our heroes and forever will hold special places in our hearts.

Jeanie Stanley, daughter of Carter, wrote an article recently for the Southwest Bluegrass Association about some of the birthdays her father celebrated while he was here.  He shared himself with others often while his family was home waiting for his return.  That’s love for the music and Carter, we thank you!

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