Salt and Light

Band Name: Salt and Light


Parker – 22 – Banjo/Guitar

Daniel – 20 – Fiddle

Morgan – 17 – Guitar

Kyndal – 16 – Mandolin

Garrett – 14 – Bass

Norah – 12 – Fiddle

Location: Graham, North Carolina



Parker began learning guitar from our dad at age 14. Within a year, Daniel had become interested in playing music and began playing guitar before shortly transitioning to fiddle. The younger siblings quickly wanted to get in on the action, and one by one began learning their respective instruments. It all came together in the current configuration in late 2013, with the band’s first live performance being a cancer benefit in May 2014.


We have a very wide range of influences, and it would really depend on which aspect of our music we’re referring to, be it instrumental soloing, dynamical aspects, songwriting, etc.
Some of our favorites in the bluegrass/Americana/acoustic world include: The Steep Canyon Rangers, Cherryholmes, classic Mountain Heart, Leahy, and the Del McCoury Band.


We have a nice schedule for 2018, which can be seen in full on our webiste’s Tour page.

Some highlights for this year include Dollywood, RudyFest, Poppy Mountain, and Carolina in the Fall


We have two full albums so far: our first, self-titled album from 2015 and 2016’s “Second Course”.

We will be releasing a by-request, all-Gospel record this Spring, and will be going into the studio to work on a full, original record with Poor Mountain Records this August.

Special Moments

The greatest highlight we’ve enjoyed at this point was our Maritime tour of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island during June/July 2017.

We did twelve shows in a two-week tour beginning at the Stan Rogers International Folk Festival, and including the deCoste Performing Arts Center, and the PEI Bluegrass Festival

What’s the next step for the band and/or members of the band?

We’re all going to continue working hard to keep trying to become the absolute best band we can be, and are going to take this as far as it is meant to go.

Please check us out on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, our YouTube channel, as well as on our website:

Thank you!

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