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The Best Way to Start Your Day:

There’s nothing better than good ol’ bluegrass to get your morning going. I bring you the best in bluegrass, bluegrass gospel and traditional country on The Annette Grady Jamboree. Tune in each weekday, 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. (Eastern Time) on The Bluegrass Jamboree.  You can see the variety of music played during the show by checking out the playlists by scrolling down. While you’re here, leave a comment and let me know how much you enjoy the show!

It’s all about you, the listeners, and creating a fun way to share the music on the Annette Grady Jamboree. Join me on Facebook in our chat group and I’ll take your request or if you’d like, send an email.

Hear today’s emerging artists and reminisce of days gone by.  It’s all about bluegrass and all about you! Come on and join me, won’t you??

How it all began:

As the granddaughter of a well-known bluegrass DJ of Eastern North Carolina, I was familiar with bluegrass but I never thought it would have any real relevance in my life. As Granddaddy approached his elder years, he felt no one would carry on the tradition of his radio program because his children, and now his grandchildren seemed to have no interest in it.

In August ’07 I was dealing with a tragic situation and felt it would be best for me to keep busy. Working 5 days a week wasn’t enough so I asked if I could sit in at the radio station while Granddaddy was on the air.  Glady, he obliged. I had forgotten about his ability to coerce someone into talking on the air. He put me on the spot and had me doing commercials my first day in the studio. When he’d grab his book of sponsors and spin it around, I knew it was my turn. I’m not sure if he got more pleasure out of watching me squirm or knowing in his heart that the tradition would continue. All I know is I am blessed to have had the best hands-on training with someone I admired, looked up to and most of all, loved.

For two years I had the pleasure of working side by side with Chester Thompson, the eccentric cowboy. August ’09 brought about another drastic change. Granddaddy passed away but I knew a part of him would live on, at least for as long as I could continue to carry on the legacy of the radio show.

I worked in a couple of terrestrial radio stations and learned a lot. The most important thing I learned; if you have an idea, something God implanted in your heart, get ready for it to happen because it’s inevitable.. I dreamed of having a stream where this great music could play all the time. That’s all it was, a dream, because I didn’t know how. When the word came that I was no longer permitted to do my show on the radio I decided it had been a dream long enough and it was time to take action.

I thank God, first and foremost, for the knowledge and patience I’ve acquired. I thank Him for His grace! Without it, I can’t say we’d be here today.  He has also given me the best friends, old and new, who have encouraged me, lifted me up and helped in so many ways to get the stream where it is today. It’s still a work in progress but isn’t everything?

If there’s nothing else to gain from this, gain hope! Nothing is final, regardless of how dark it may seem. You’re never alone even when you feel like you have no one. And when you utilize the gift God has given you, amazing things happen!!  So, go out and live your dream; share your love.. and as always, God bless!!!

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    1. Hi Annette, it was nice meeting you Saturday. That was the first time I had been there, although I live half way between Jacksonville and Swansboro, but it won’t be my last. Really enjoyed the show. Hopefully one of these years Spare Parts will be able to play there. By the way, I used to listen to Chester Thompson when I was in the Air Force at Goldsboro. Always enjoyed him. Take care and keep playing bluegrass!!

    2. Hi Annette,
      It’s good to know you are carrying on your grandfather’s tradition. My Daddy used to play on Chester’s show at WFMC, usually with Dwight L Laws or John William Taylor. I grew up listening to Chester’s Bluegrass Jamboree on WFMC. Thanks for playing and supporting Bluegrass and real Country Music. I know your grandad is proud of your work.

    3. Hi Annette, it was a pleasure meeting you at White Oak Shores Bluegrass Festival, God Bless and thanks for playing the best music of all.

    4. Hi Annette! Thanks so much for playing Nightflyer tunes!

      1. The Nightflyers are one of the at the top Bands out there. Should be heard more.

    5. What station are y’all on the radio

    6. Hello Annette! It’s been a while since we chatted. You have always carried the ” torch ” of true music. Keep the real sounds alive. your friend 4ever George Moore.

    7. Please play Carolina in the pines – Wilson Banjo Co


    9. Annette..Was attempting to leave you a message to note how superbly you introduced your grandfather’s voice yesterday..Wow..Such a loving testimony upon his anniversary to heaven..Therefore, I might wish to dedicate Laurie Lewis’ WHO WILL WATCH THE HOME PLACE to your grandfather and my dear dad who passed in my arms and to our Most Blessed Lord. US Navy. Aroofer by trade who made it possible for me to play minor league baseball player and a college professor..My hero..May they both bless you today from heaven..Bill

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