Bluegrass Jamboree Top 20 Rundown

Enjoy listening to the countdown each week with Rita Small and Tim Strong, hosts of Bluegrass in the Valley.   The show airs Tuesday evening, 6 p.m. on The Bluegrass Jamboree.  

So you’re not able to tune in at that time?  Listen to it On Demand.

The show brings you the latest, the greatest and the hottest in bluegrass music according to the Bluegrass Today charts.


On Demand content also available through our app, available on Android and iOS.

3 Replies to “Bluegrass Jamboree Top 20 Rundown”

  1. i like your programm very much…..thomas from dachau (bavaria)

    1. Thank you, Thomas! We’re glad to share the music with you!

    2. Chiefloveheart

      Wonderful Wonderful love bluegrass


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