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Kentucky Hayride

Presented by David Pugh

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Thursday 9:00 pm 12:00 am

Traditional Country Music

The nation's greatest classic country radio show ever, The Kentucky Hayride with David Pugh airs every Thursday night, 9:00 pm.est.- midnight. The show will always be live on, a station that preserves traditional country music, and is proud to send it out to the world. Your favorite artists from days gone by will be ready to sing their hearts out on the Hayride. Lots of pedal steel guitar, twin fiddles, and all of the sounds that make real country what it is. Mainstream radio has failed the country fans. Tune in tonight for this great new show where there will always be a live radio personality. Shame on the stations that try to operate with no DJ's. Just someone pushing buttons, and letting pre-recorded programming take over. It's boring, and goes against the standards the medium of entertainment radio set many years ago. Please do me a favor by tuning in tonight!

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