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Team Members

Learn more about our Team Members, the DJs, their shows, and our staff that keep The Bluegrass Jamboree streaming 24/7 all day every day.

Bringing you Bluegrass From The Country Store

Back for more! Sharing Bluegrass from all over.

She grew up watching her Grandfather. Now it's her turn.

Growing up listening to music, Terry realized the importance it held in life.

Brett is a steady player in the bluegrass world; from broadcasting to performing.

Brenda Lawson is committed to bluegrass: a DJ, emcee and festival promoter.

From interviewing artists, emceeing or co-hosting, Rita is on it.

The father and son team, Jim and Ben, bring you exciting Bluegrass and many laughs!

From college to current, broadcasting is Jeff's dream.

Ed Asher has a passion for classic and traditional country.

Ron dedicates  time to broadcasting, promoting and supporting the music.

Buford T. aka "Big Hoss" has been doing radio since 2005.