The Johnson’s Bluegrass Band

The Johnson’s Bluegrass Band

Recently on Hear It Here we presented The Johnson’s Bluegrass Band.  The response was great and many of you wanted to get to know them a little more so we had them share some information about the band.  


Samuel—24 Banjo, bass, vocals

Hannah—23 Mandolin, guitar, songwriting, vocals

Lydia—21 Fiddle, vocals

Simon—18 lead and rhythm guitar

Where are you from?  Foster City, Michigan


What’s the history behind the band?

We were homeschooled, a family of 13 children, raised on a farm in the Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We are from a very musical family, though none of our family sang, played or listened to Bluegrass. In 2012, we saw a DVD of a Bluegrass gathering featuring, among other artists, The Del McCoury Band, The Nashville Bluegrass Band, Ralph Stanley, etc., and it absolutely gripped us! Sam had a banjo already, but didn’t know how to play it, and Lydia a violin that was tuned a step too low. With help from our family, we started playing, listening, learning, and practicing. We began playing some concerts and singing for local events, and with the release of our first “album” (a project on which we don’t sound nearly as accomplished as we do now!), we built up a following in our community. The rest is history!

What influences have helped to mold you into the person and/or band you are today?

The Del McCoury Band. Stuart Duncan. The Gibson Brothers. The Nashville Bluegrass Band. Not exactly in that order.

Do you have scheduled appearaJohnson's Bluegrass Bandnces coming up?

Yes—locally in Michigan, but we’re anticipating reaching out and playing various areas outside our local reach! Promoters are welcome to contact us for festivals and events.

What recordings do you have available?

Our first CD, “Bluegrass For Ireland,” is still available for a limited time. “Cloudy in Kentucky” will be released sometime in November/December of 2018.

What is the greatest highlight you’ve had so far in this career?

Getting to know our heroes (Stuart Duncan, Eric Gibson, Tom Ewing, Mike Compton, Ronnie McCoury, Gene Libbea, etc). and having them affirm our music. This lets us know while we still have lots to learn, we are on the right track!

What’s the next step for the band and/or members of the band?

The release of our album, #1, and, for Hannah & Lydia, a trip down to Monroe Mandolin Camp in NC. Looking very much

Johnson's Bluegrass Band

forward to it!! After this, we’re open to God’s leading and excited to see where He’ll take us.

You can reach and interact with The Johnson’s Bluegrass Band on social media.

You can like our Facebook page.

We are on Instagram.

Watch our YouTube videos or search “The Johnsons Bluegrass Band YouTube.”

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