TWANG All Girl String Band


Gabi Pervis- 16- guitar

Anna Caldwell- 16- mandolin, fiddle

Becca Pool- 15- fiddle

Lillyanne McCool- 15- banjo (clawhammer, 3 finger), resophonic guitar

Crystal McCool- (over 21…..way over 21)- bass

Location: Mountain View, AR

Website: Facebook: Twang All Girl String Band

What’s the history behind the band?

Twang All Girl String Band has been amazing audiences with their high energy, tight harmonies, versatile musicianship, and hard driving clogging for six years. This band is the product of the Music Roots Program in the Mountain View Schools when the girls were in 4th and 5th grade. It became apparent they were excelling their peers and were placed into a group to work together as a band. They performed as a group for the first time at the Jimmy Driftwood Barn in the fall of 2012. The cute factor made up for their developing skills and the crowds adored them. Their learning curve was astounding and every six months it was like watching a new band. They continue to grow and win numerous awards at state and national levels as individuals and as a group.

What influences have helped to mold you into the person and/or band you are today?

From Crystal: “Twang is rooted and seeped in the old time mountain music native to the Ozark hills. This group is from Mountain View, AR, self-proclaimed Folk Music Capital of the World and, therefore, has been reared in the hot seat of old time music and culture. I would say their biggest influences stem from these influences.”

From Anna: “My music teachers and band mates influence me the most. Well, them and Chris Thile.”

From Rebecca: “I am heavily influenced by what I am told to do and by chocolate. On a serious note, it’s the girls and Mrs. Crystal that influence me. I never want to let them down. They are my best friends.”

From Lillyanne: “On clawhammer, my biggest influence would be my teacher, Lukas Pool (Becca’s brother), who is an amazing clawhammer player and owner of The Ozark Banjo Company. My biggest bluegrass banjo influences would be my dad and Greg Cahill. The general way I approach any music I play is primarily influenced by my band mates in Twang. I think we sort of inspire each other to do things bigger and better each time.”

From Gabi: “Influences that have shaped me as a person: Crystal McCool. *wink*

Do you have scheduled appearances coming up?

Jul 21- Mellon’s Hole in the Wall Theater, Mountain View, AR- 7-9pm

Aug 10- Mellon’s Hole in the Wall Theater, Mountain View, AR- 7-9pm

Aug 25- Ozark Folk Center, Mountain View, AR 7pm

Sep 1- Annual National Championship Chuckwagon Races, Clinton, AR

Mar 7- Mountain View Bluegrass Festival, Mountain View, AR

Schedules are updated on the Twang All Girl String Band Facebook page.


What recordings do you have available?

Twang currently has two cds:
Children of God (gospel)

Just Twanging Around

What is the greatest highlight you’ve had so far in this career?

From Gabi: “Winning the State Fair.”

From Anna and Becca: “Playing at the Bluegrass and BBQ Festival at Silver Dollar City.”

From Lillyanne: “Winning the National Old Time Banjo Competition.”

From Crystal: “Being able to watch these girls grow as musicians and entertainers.”

What’s the next step for the band and/or members of the band?

From Gabi: “Because of Twang, I would like to pursue a career in music therapy.”

From Anna: “My next step is to become a better mandolin and guitar player. As for careers, I want to look into optometry. (pun very much intended)”

From Becca: “My next step would be to continue working on my fiddle, especially fiddle backup, improvisation, and learning to sing better, especially harmony. I haven’t decided on an exact career path but it will probably encompass working with children. I’m also currently honing my luthier skills by repairing instruments and building my first violin from scratch. Or…. I might become a pretty, pretty princess. Hmmm.”

From Lillyanne: “I am currently working on becoming more proficient at 3 finger. I am do some songwriting and I’m enjoying the creative side of that process. As far as my future, I want to work in the field of science. I love apothecary and would like to merge pharmacy and apothecary into a career.”


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  1. So Proud of all of you. You all have so much talent.

  2. We feel certain that each of these young ladies will succeed in any endeavor they pursue! GOD bless them!

  3. I would love to hear them more. Wink wink

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